Free and Convenient: Onsite Biometric Screening

Activate your 2015 Your Rewards for Heath incentive early with a free onsite biometric screening.

Take Steps in a Healthy Direction

UnitedHealth Group rewards you for the healthy steps you take every day through its Your Rewards for Health Program. By completing a series of Health Actions and earning points, you receive an incentive that reduces the cost of your medical premiums.

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Missed One of Your Biometric Screening Targets?

If you missed a biometric screening target value for BMI, blood pressure, LDL cholesterol and fasting blood glucose (or HA1c), you are not tobacco-free or you are pregnant, get started with a coaching program as soon as possible. Coaching may take up to two months to complete.

Greater Health, One Choice at a Time:
Beth Calvin's Story

Beth Calvin, a UnitedHealthcare employee, shares her health story with other UnitedHealth Group employees about the importance of getting an annual physical and participating in the Your Rewards for Health Program.

Beth’s preventive care appointment to earn Your Rewards for Health points resulted in a series of tests that revealed that she had thyroid cancer.

Read Beth's story.